We devote significant resources to pursuing additional growth via acquisition, competitive bidding or privatization. We focus our efforts on markets that we believe provide significant growth opportunities for a well-capitalized market entrant and where we can create economic and operational barriers to entry by new competitors. This focus typically highlights markets in which we can either (1) provide waste collection services under franchises, exclusive contracts or other arrangements or (2) garner a leading market position and provide vertically integrated collection and disposal services.

In bidding for contracts or evaluating acquisition candidates, our management team draws on its experience in the solid waste industry and knowledge of local service areas in existing and target markets. Our business development team maintains an active dialogue with numerous acquisition candidates. In addition, our district managers maintain relationships with local governmental officials within their service areas, and sales representatives may be assigned to cover specific municipalities.

We believe that our experienced management, decentralized operating strategy, financial strength, size and public company status make us an attractive acquirer or bidder for certain solid waste collection and disposal opportunities.

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We devote significant resources to pursuing additional growth via acquisition... MORE >


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